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The Leader of Community Management Solutions


30 years in the industry and still rockin'...


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by APM

The Leader of Community Management Solutions


30 years in the industry and still rockin'...


Visitors Choice since 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

by APM

About Us

At Metropolis, We understand that managing an association means that we touch the lives and finances of communities and families. With 30 years of managing common ownership communities, we have refined our ability to address each community’s individual requirements within the parameters of association management standards. We recognize the unique character of your community. At Metropolis, we believe that your community is more than its physical structure. It is the foundation which allows your families, friends and neighbors to determine and, hopefully, achieve their dreams.

Mission Statement

We are given the privilege to be involved in your community. Given the opportunity to witness the success of your personal dreams, invited to attend and assist while we observe each and everyone’s personal narrative. We are part of your neighborhood. We watch as friends, families and strangers forge together, tethered by their personal experiences and circumstances. We are Metropolis.


Martin J. Lobb

From the company’s founding in 1987 to the present day, Metropolis has continued to follow our own unique vision, thanks to our in-house programmers. And that’s how we have been able to harness the the latest technologies to serve the needs of our clients. Two decades ago, we used spiral-bound notebooks to provide reports and proposals and delivered them by snail mail or delivery service. Now, we provide those reports in electronic format via email.

Just like everyone else, we can provide the same reports in electronic format to our clients at via email. At Metropolis, we have moved beyond antiquated email. Say hello to CommunityWatch! Other Metropolis enhancements? How about Fastrac and Metchec? Want to learn more? Sign up below and learn about CommunityWatch by taking a test drive on us!

Our vision has remained the same from the 1986 until now. We wanted the ability to reference all information relevant to our clients’ needs through a database and to provide this information on demand to meet the challenges of community management. Our database continues to allows us to centralize and distribute information received by all means; be it a letter, an email, a phone call, or a fax. And now with CommunityWatch, you as Board Members, can review all communications.


More and more community members are taking an active role when assuming the positions on the Board of Directors. And, in order for the Board to be successful in their quest, the Management Agent must be able to provide documentation and information quickly so that well informed decisions can be made.

Now, imagine being able to review files in real time. Or to see who has called and the purpose of the call, or any communication from homeowners, vendors or really…anyone associated with your community. Imagine looking at this communication in a static stream of information. Sure, it’s something you would like to be able to do.

Now you can.

Thanks to MetMail and now introducing CommunityWatch


Our services

Community Management Solutions.



We Are Metropolis.

Why not let Metropolis demonstrate our services. We can meet the Board online or at an informal Discovery Meeting and togther, we can get a better idea of what you are seeking. All you have to do is click the blue request button below. Or, you can call us at 301-779-1800. Go ahead, and click below.

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What Our Clients Say.

Rosalind DRosalind D
23:19 05 Apr 23
I had a particularly frustrating situation that required reaching out to the Metropolis Management Office. It took a bit of time before the issue was resolved, however the customer support team and management team (accounting) treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism throughout the ordeal. They certainly lived up to their mission statement..."Combining current technology and creative solutions to meet your unique community challenges." A special thank you to Jill and Michelle for going above and beyond to assist me.
19:04 14 Feb 23
It’s a pleasure working with and communicating with Mr. Christian Beltran. He responded to our inquiry right away and gave us very detailed instructions, which we greatly appreciated. We followed his instructions and verified our understanding with him. He was very quick again to point us in the right direction. We managed to accomplish everything that we wanted to accomplish. The service Mr. Christian Beltran provided us is second-to-none, and he is an outstanding ambassador for Metropolis. Thank you again!
Robert KnottsRobert Knotts
16:17 20 Jan 23
My company has been working with Metropolis and specifically Carrie Porter for several years now. Hands down the best management company we have worked with. Carrie is amazing in every aspect. Highly recommend.
Yue CongYue Cong
13:19 09 Dec 22
Senior Community Counselor Ms. Porter is truly amazing. I have a property under her management, over the years I needed her help on many occasions. Ms. Porter is always so kind, profession and efficient. She would respond to an email at the odd hours of midnight. I often joke that she doesn’t seem to have any off time. Metropolis and their clients are very fortunate to have Ms. Porter.
Chris PottsChris Potts
18:53 19 Nov 22
This management company is nothing short of horrid. For 4 months now we have been unable to use our gym, the landscaping company comes once a month and there have been lights out all over the entire community. This is unacceptable and I would never recommend Metropolis manage your HOA or community. if you are stuck with Metropolis God save you.Susan, our property manager if you can call it management has been awful and combative. She has caused fights between units on public meetings. Something needs to be done to help our community, and metropolis isn't doing anything.
  •   Metropolis Property Management exercise an unfriendly atmosphere with homeowner"s /Tenants.  It is very stressful to lease your property as the homeowner to experience hate with tenants residing in building unit.... read more

    thumb Tinay C.

      This company is garbage.  They live off of collecting late payments because they make the set up and payment of your account so difficult.  I hate this company.

    thumb Kelly D.

      There are numerous property management companies in the DC area.

    thumb Victor N.
  •   1 star to 2 because I have come across one employee from Metropolis who actually reads and response back to messages- THANK YOU NICK!!

    thumb Michelle C.

      If I could give zero stars, I would. I am having a very difficult time getting an explanation and proper accounting for payments sent. I had to get cancelled checks... read more

    thumb G B.

      Despite telling this company that I no longer own the property, they continue to harass me about upkeep and dues. I've even pointed them in the direction of the new... read more

    thumb Sean P.
  •   One of the managers or so we think due to the fact no one answers the phone actually made a comment that they would or could hold up giving us... read more

    thumb M K.

      Huge, unannounced roofing repair/upgrade was started this week at my home in Cross Green Condominiums in Lakelands, Gaithersburg Maryland. The work has been loud, messy, and many of us had... read more

    thumb Ze C.

      Management NOT very responsive to condo issues as he's lazy and don't like taking responsibilities. This is WALNUT GROVE CONDO - CHRISTIAN BELTAN.

    thumb Charles K.

Consider the Metropolis Difference.

Here, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about our comprehensive community management solutions.

Let’s face it, homeowners sometimes are not necessarily honest in their representation. Maybe sometimes, they are not satisfied with the answer that they are given. Regardless, it’s important that your Management Agent be able to confirm that the call was returned, documented, and if necessary able to be substantiated when challenged.

At Metropolis, we can. That’s right, we can let you know the date and time of the call, and a summarization of the communication. This is a feature that our clients really like. That way, you, the Board, have the ability to get all of the facts and make an informed decision. Knowledge really is power.

Email is great. Except when you have a lot of threads and a lots of communication. Sure, you have the dates and the times of your email communication but it’s kinda cumbersome.

Metropolis has created it’s own patent pending communication device that is encrypted for security. Say goodbye to antquated email and hello to Communitywatch! Want a demonstration?

Knowing when contracts come up for renewal requires pre-planning and scheduling. It also gives the Board of Directors a chance to review the performance of the contractor and determine if they wish to continue. Many times, Management Agents don’t advise the Board of Directors of upcoming renewals. Surprise.

At Metropolis, we have the ability to schedule renewals by using CommunityWatch. In fact, we can send out reminders to the Board of Directors that renewals are coming up well in advance of their renewal date, so comparable bits may be secured.

Management agents must be able to document phone calls and allow for homeowners to report items during and after business hours. During the day, the management agent shall answer phones, take messages and respond accordingly.

Welcome to Fastrac. Fastrac allows you to leave a message that is automatically transcribed and sent to the Community Counselor and Community Relations Specialist for response. And, we even have the WAV file, just in case the transcription doesn’t make sense. Ya gotta love technology!

Nobody’s perfect, mistakes happen. But sometimes, it’s hard to reach the appropriate person to correct that mistake. Sometimes, you don’t even get the courtesy of a response from an email or a return phone call.

At Metropolis, we understand that thing sometimes go wrong. That something fall through the cracks, or something wasn’t addressed in a timely or appropriately manner. That’s why there’s Metchec. Homeowners can call Metchec 24/7 and the issue will be reviewed by our customer service department. Metropolis also provide surveys, so we can be rated on our customer service. For Board Members how about the ability to speak directly to the President of the company. We believe in open communication and want to be available to you.

There seems to be a lot of condominium management company sprouting up these days. A lot of companies that close down. And now, larger companies are buying up smaller companies and trying to make a one size fits all company. Doesn’t really work.

Metropolis we’re proud to report that we’ve been in business for 30 years. For 30 years we’ve gained our income from only managing associations. Not rentals, not sales, just associations. For us, specializing in one business makes more sense.

Nowadays, communities are looking for expertise, experience and a historical reference point so that they may advise Boards of Directors accordingly. By witnessing past and present trends, a well informed management agent is a valuable tool to the association.

Metropolis has been in business for 30 years this October. It’s kinda hard to believe. We opened our doors in 1986 and we’re still rocking in 2023. What’s even more amazing is that we have several employees were been with us for the past 20 years. Just imagine the experience of the staff at Metropolis can offer their clients.

Management agencies charge for miscellaneous services and fees that are not within the scope of the normal management contract. These fees include webpage design and management, mailings and sometimes newsletters.

OK, we get it. With compromise budgets, and homeowners who don’t pay their assessments sometimes it’s hard to get the services that you want. So we want to help. How about a free webpage? Or how about being able to send information to the community without the expense of postage? We provide free blogging. Or how about the president or the board wanting to send a message out to the community? Check out your community webpage. And get this, it’s free.

Management agencies must remain informed about current events that affect their community. Relying on magazines like Common Ground and Quorum, and connecting with CAI allow associations to remain in the know.

We’re so pleased and proud that Smita Pai, Vice President of Metropolis has been published twice in Common Ground. And, we hear she’s penning another article as we speak.

We invite you to call us at 301-779-1800 and learn more about the Metropolis Difference. Go ahead and chat with our crew, and you can see just how much they believe in the services that they provide.

Thanks for taking time to take our test and compare us to your current management agent. It’s so important to find the right fit for your management agent and community. If you’re not satisfied with the services are being provided, maybe it’s time to contact Metropolis.


Bridge your community membership and Board of Directors..

You have all of the information, you as the Board can make well informed and timely decisions. Want to learn more about CommunityWatch powered by Metropolis?
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