Take the Metropolis Challenge

1) Can your management agent substantiate and authenticate phone calls from residents when homeowner say that they are not getting return calls?

2) Can your management agent identify each and every action and provide updates using a transparent encripted communication system instead of relying on email?

3) Does your management agent have the ability to track and provide reminders to the Board when contracts are up for renewal?

4) Has your current management agent been in business for more than a quarter of a century and only service condominiums, single family and townhouse associations as their source of income?

5) In the event you are dissatisfied with performance or service, are you able to reach the President of the company and discuss your concerns?

6) Has your management agent been published in Common Ground or Quorum?

7) Has your management agent managed communities for over 25 years?

8) Does your management agent offer a free webpage which includes services such as Fastrac, CommunityWatch, OneStop, Letter from the President and ability to create newsletters and blogs?

9) Does your management agent have the ability to capture WAV files and translate them into text and email for homeowners who want to call and just report an action?

10) Are you ready to be managed by a team of professionals who will go above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate your requests?